MMA Champ Talks About How Tough Pro Wrestling Training Is

Last year “King Mo”, a Strikeforce MMA champion, talked about the difficulty in training to become a pro wrestler as compared to mixed martial arts training.  He cites these difficulties and how tough the training is:

  • hitting the ropes
  • ring psychology
  • body positioning for the moves
  • cutting promos

It is the last one which is the most challenging for people who aspire to become wrestlers.  The challenge, unlike other athletic professions where the talent can make terrific money, is that even if you are a great athlete and great wrestler you still need to “draw money”.  This means a combination of TV ratings, YouTube views, and the ability to sell tickets in several areas around the country.  You need to make people love you or hate your guts or some other high level of emotion.  Otherwise, you will have a tough time making a living because the promoter needs his main event wrestlers to be able to give people a reason to pay good prices to come see them.

Click the link below and get Rob Van Dam’s interview.  In it, he describes how he was able to overcome being scared of doing promos to crafting his own style of promo in the original ECW.  His ability to do that made him more popular with the ECW fans, who were very demanding, and helped him become a main event talent because his interview skills complemented his athletic gifts.

If you are thinking about joining the professional wrestling business, going to the right school is the best way. Get a free hour-long interview with Rob Van Dam (RVD). He will tell you how to choose a good professional wrestling school, how to survive during your first years as a pro wrestler, dealing with injuries, how to choose your friends in the business carefully and much more. You can get the link to download the interview here: How To Become A Professional Wrestler

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