Know The Components Of A Wrestling Ring And Ropes

If you want to become a professional wrestler, manager, referee, valet, ring announcer or other talent in front of a crowd then you have to understand the basics of a wrestling ring.  Much like a pro football player needs to know the type of turf, width of the field, “crown” of the field (for drainage) and wind tendencies, anyone who wants to become a pro wrestler needs to understand the dynamics of a ring and the ropes off of which you will be running.

In no particular order, you will want to become educated about the:

  • various ring size dimensions
  • “give” of the mat and the wood underneath
  • type of canvas covering the mat
  • tension of the ropes
  • type of ropes being used
  • turnbuckle padding
  • type of mats being used outside of the ring
  • safety measures employed by the ring
  • height of the ring and ring posts
  • many other factors

You will want to study these for a combination of safety purposes as well as for knowing what you can and cannot do in order to enthrall the crowd with your in-ring work.

Here are some resources to help you get started:



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