Business Plan To Start A Pro Wrestling Promotion

Many current wrestlers and others dream of starting their own pro wrestling promotions.  They have dreams about getting huge crowds, TV exposure, and maybe even inserting themselves into an “angle” which the crowd wants to see played out over the next few months.  The problem is that running a wrestling promotion is a business, first and foremost.

For that to happen, you need capital.  Money will not come to you if you do not have a legitimate business plan, if you truly intend to make your dream become a business which you one can sell for a premium.  There are many things to consider:

  • getting local and national sponsors
  • securing TV exposure (or at least having a LOT of syndication of your online videos)
  • having good talent which can interest people to buy tickets and/or purchase DVD’s and iPPV events
  • having a method to develop new talent
  • having enough cash to keep your talent happy in case you cannot draw good attendance figures at first
  • having quality rings, lighting, microphones, TV cameras, editing capabilities, etc.

All of this makes running a wrestling promotion much more challenging than renting a ring, some chairs, and putting up flyers around town.

Here is an example of a business plan which, at least, covered most of the basics to create a respectable regional pro wrestling promotion which could have the potential to be sustainable for a few years:




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