Want To Become A Pro Wrestler? Get To Know The Ring

Many aspiring athletes and wrestling fans who dream and think about how to become a pro wrestler often come in unprepared mentally.  Click the link below to get RVD’s interview on how to choose a wrestling school, stay healthy, and better understand what you will be facing as you progress in your career.

Another element of becoming a wrestler is to know the specifics of your “field”.  Most people know that a pro football field (in the U.S.) is 100 yards long with 10 yard end zones.  Most people don’t know the width of a pro football field, however!  That answer is 53-1/2 yards (roughly 160 feet).  Most people know that a baseball mound is 60 feet, 6 inches away from home plate; but they don’t know that the widest part of home plate is 17 inches.  Also, many basketball fans do not know that a professional court is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide.

Yet those who want to become professional athletes in these sports often have no idea either!  They have watched these sports for hours and hours, yet they still don’t understand the basics in order to truly understand their desired job.

The same applies to those who want to become a pro wrestler.  Obviously entrance ways (or entrance ramps), ringside area footage, and other aspects of what the live audience will see changes from venue to venue.  The ring, however, has some common elements even if independent shows use smaller rings.  Rope tensile strength changes, of course, from promotion to promotion; but at least understand your equipment so that you can “pick up” the teachings quicker at any good wrestling school you attend.

Take a moment to learn more about the ring construction in order to better understand the area in which you will entertain the crowd.

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If you are thinking about joining the professional wrestling business, going to the right school is the best way. Get a free hour-long interview with Rob Van Dam (RVD). He will tell you how to choose a good professional wrestling school, how to survive during your first years as a pro wrestler, dealing with injuries, how to choose your friends in the business carefully and much more. You can get the link to download the interview here: How To Become A Professional Wrestler

You also can find helpful resources whether you want to become a wrestler or simply are a fan at this link: Pro Wrestling Tickets, Gear And Resources

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