Starting Your Own Pro Wrestling Promotion

Here is an article on a topic many aspiring pro wrestlers think about:  starting their own pro wrestling promotion.

The problem is that there are many professional wrestling promotions which come and go, with no real substance.  Ric Drasin’s book is a good one, this article will help, and there are a few others out there.

The problem lies in capitalization and marketing.  You need a good ring, money to book the venue, money to pay for some good talent (at least one semi-known name in your area), and lots of marketing.  Study those who sell minor league baseball, second-tier MMA, and other local sporting events for how they get the word out about their games.  Then use sites to promote your event for people who both know you (Facebook, e-mail, etc.) and find sites in your area where you can post your show’s date/time/location.

Please be sure that you are a trained professional wrestler or have a legitimate one working with you to promote and coordinate the show.  If you are untrained, save the promotion idea until you know how to handle certain emergencies and raise enough to capital to sustain losses until you start to turn a profit.

If you are thinking about joining the professional wrestling business, going to the right school is the best way. Get a free hour-long interview with Rob Van Dam (RVD). He will tell you how to choose a good professional wrestling school, how to survive during your first years as a pro wrestler, dealing with injuries, how to choose your friends in the business carefully and much more. You can get the link to download the interview here: How To Become A Professional Wrestler

You also can find helpful resources whether you want to become a wrestler or simply are a fan at this link: Pro Wrestling Tickets, Gear And Resources

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