Becoming A WWE Or TNA Wrestler – Drawing Money

You may dream of becoming a professional wrestler and wrestling for WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, or even wrestling in Japan.  A common trait among those wrestlers who are first-generation, including many second-generation wrestlers, and appear near the main event and/or hold championships is their ability to “draw money”.  While you may be dreaming about winning the heavyweight title or executing the “move of the year”, your focus should be on how to:

  • draw money for your promotion
  • draw money for yourself

While there are tactics and some shortcuts, you should focus on learning your craft and being terrific at your style(s) of pro wrestling.  From there, you need to learn how to captivate your audience and leave them wanting for more from you based on your abilities to:

  • cut a promo in front of the live crowd
  • get people to boo or cheer you with high levels of emotion
  • cut promos on camera (backstage, outside or wherever it is necessary)
  • interact with fans at promotion-sponsored events so that fans talk about you
  • represent the promotion well should you ever be featured on a local (or national) TV show
  • much more

Do what you can to find out why people care about certain celebrities and have a “who cares” mentality about other known celebrities (actors, athletes, comedians, etc.).  Start studying the art of persuasion & influence so that you can elicit crowd emotion whenever you want.  That is part of the “art” of wrestling which is becoming lost; so respect the business and those who wrestled before you and helped grow the industry.  Make it a point to be “professional” and really understand human psychology and crowd emotion.  It will help separate you from other wrestlers and (maybe) can help you get into WWE, TNA, or other well-known promotions.

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