Understanding Turnbuckles And Ring Ropes

If you want to become a pro wrestler you will be bouncing off the ropes and turnbuckles pretty much from day one of your wrestling career.  Here is a helpful video to give you a better understanding of how to tighten ring ropes and detach the ropes from the turnbuckles on a wrestling ring.

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TV Reporter Talks With Wrestling Promoter About Becoming A Wrestler

A TV reporter attempted to “try out” to become a pro wrestler with Resistance Pro Wrestling, run by wrestling promoter Billy Corgan.  Corgan talks about the needed elements to become a professional wrestler as well as running a wrestling promotion:

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Discussion About Drawing Money With Character Depth

Here is an interesting discussion about developing the depth of your wrestling character.  It talks about being natural, turning up the volume on who you are, and making people care enough about you to pay money to see you.  Please be careful if you do not like offensive language.

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Know The Components Of A Wrestling Ring And Ropes

If you want to become a professional wrestler, manager, referee, valet, ring announcer or other talent in front of a crowd then you have to understand the basics of a wrestling ring.  Much like a pro football player needs to know the type of turf, width of the field, “crown” of the field (for drainage) and wind tendencies, anyone who wants to become a pro wrestler needs to understand the dynamics of a ring and the ropes off of which you will be running.

In no particular order, you will want to become educated about the:

  • various ring size dimensions
  • “give” of the mat and the wood underneath
  • type of canvas covering the mat
  • tension of the ropes
  • type of ropes being used
  • turnbuckle padding
  • type of mats being used outside of the ring
  • safety measures employed by the ring
  • height of the ring and ring posts
  • many other factors

You will want to study these for a combination of safety purposes as well as for knowing what you can and cannot do in order to enthrall the crowd with your in-ring work.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

  • http://bleacherreport.com/articles/144536-come-with-me-as-i-expose-what-is-a-wrestling-ring-really-made-of

  • http://www.prowrestling.com/pw/interact/wrestling_101&page=2

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Becoming A WWE Or TNA Wrestler – Drawing Money

You may dream of becoming a professional wrestler and wrestling for WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, or even wrestling in Japan.  A common trait among those wrestlers who are first-generation, including many second-generation wrestlers, and appear near the main event and/or hold championships is their ability to “draw money”.  While you may be dreaming about winning the heavyweight title or executing the “move of the year”, your focus should be on how to:

  • draw money for your promotion
  • draw money for yourself

While there are tactics and some shortcuts, you should focus on learning your craft and being terrific at your style(s) of pro wrestling.  From there, you need to learn how to captivate your audience and leave them wanting for more from you based on your abilities to:

  • cut a promo in front of the live crowd
  • get people to boo or cheer you with high levels of emotion
  • cut promos on camera (backstage, outside or wherever it is necessary)
  • interact with fans at promotion-sponsored events so that fans talk about you
  • represent the promotion well should you ever be featured on a local (or national) TV show
  • much more

Do what you can to find out why people care about certain celebrities and have a “who cares” mentality about other known celebrities (actors, athletes, comedians, etc.).  Start studying the art of persuasion & influence so that you can elicit crowd emotion whenever you want.  That is part of the “art” of wrestling which is becoming lost; so respect the business and those who wrestled before you and helped grow the industry.  Make it a point to be “professional” and really understand human psychology and crowd emotion.  It will help separate you from other wrestlers and (maybe) can help you get into WWE, TNA, or other well-known promotions.

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List Of Pro Wrestling Schools

Many questions we get asked through this website often revolve around how much is training and which professional wrestling schools to choose.  If you have not done so already, download RVD’s interview in which he talks about choosing a wrestling school as well as how to survive during your first years in the wrestling industry.  Also consider getting the rest of the interviews (available after you download RVD’s interview) as each talks about their suggestions on how to get trained as a professional wrestler.

From there, consider talking further with some or all of these professional wrestling training schools:

  • http://pointme.to/wrestling/schools.htm

Again, remember the lessons that Van Dam and the other wrestlers (Dreamer, DDP, Beefcake, Big Vito, and more) have about choosing a good wrestling school.  From there, determine which schools are best for you even if it means moving to a new area of the country to pursue your new profession.

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Some Tips From A Veteran Wrestler

Here are some tips from a veteran pro wrestler based in the San Francisco area:

  • http://artofmanliness.com/2009/09/02/so-you-want-my-job-professional-wrestler/comment-page-1/#comment-306326

He talks briefly about which wrestling schools to avoid, the good points of being a wrestler, the things he hates seeing in the ring and more.  It is a short read, but there are a few helpful hints.

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Pro Wrestling Salaries

Please note that pro wrestling is a tough business in which to survive financially, unless you are at the top of the industry.  Here is a recent article which discusses the salaries of pro wrestlers:

  • http://www.ehow.com/info_8610773_professional-wrestlers-salaries.html

These rates are for those established in the bigger promotions.  The question then becomes, “How do I survive as I become an established professional wrestler?”

Some longtime ring veterans do not like seeing fresh talent out selling merchandise during intermissions of shows, but some veterans do not mind as long as the new talent is respectful.  Other ways to earn a living while becoming a wrestler include:

  • keeping a part-time job (e.g. personal training, retail job, etc.)
  • affiliate marketing through the internet
  • selling autographs at local shows
  • helping the promoter with other jobs behind the scenes

It may not be glamorous, but wrestling can produce a living for you if you are smart.  Get RVD’s interview for some of his advice on how he survived during his early years as a pro wrestler.

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Local News Story On A Pro Wrestling School

Here is a local news story about independent wrestler Luke Hawx and his Wildkat professional wrestling school:

Listen to the students and determine if what they are saying and experiencing is right for you.  If so, click the link below to find out how RVD would tell his friends’ kids about getting trained and choosing the right wrestling school for your career.

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CM Punk In Wrestling School

Even a recent long-running WWE champion had to go to pro wrestling school after he was established on the independent wrestling scene.  There always is a ton to learn, so make sure that you go into pro wrestling with the mindset that your education will never stop.

Here is CM Punk doing drills during his time in ROH:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G28SWqBn_jE

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