Affiliate Marketing Basics

We are glad that you are here and willing to become an affiliate for this product!  Remember that affiliate marketing can be profitable if you know what you are doing.  The affiliate marketing landscape requires people to think more like a business owner, so this section will help you begin to separate yourself from the “quick buck” type of people who hop from one program to the next.

While you may want to become an affiliate because you heard that “someone” made over $10,000 last month as an affiliate, remember that such a person likely treated his or her approach to affiliate marketing like a business.  Instead of dreaming about large figures, start with some reasonable expectations and then go from there. If possible, factor into your calculations that you might not make much money during the first few months until you know what you are doing.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, you will get a few free resources on affiliate marketing and some referrals to sources of information which require payment.  Each item listed will be useful as it offers solid information with people who have used the information to profitable ends.  Remember that we want you to be profitable because both of us benefit.  You send customers which would be could not obtain; and in return you make money by simply referring qualified traffic.

Here are some possibly helpful resources:



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