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Discover How To Become A Pro Wrestler ByListening To The Interviews With Ring Veterans


If you do not wish to buy the entire interview series with the pro wrestling legends then that is fine!  There is an alternative way to get the interviews.

You are welcome to join the mailing list through the forms on this page or the home page.  You then will be sent instructions on how to download each of the interviews.  You may download just one interview.  Or you can download all of them.

We recommend that you download all of the interviews as each one covers different topics including:

  • how to choose the right professional wrestling school
  • how to deal with injuries
  • how to deal with life on the road if you start getting booked outside of your nearby community
  • how to choose the right promotion for you to start wrestling
  • much, much more!


Since you will not be paying directly for the interviews, like others on the home page have chosen to do, please understand that we need some sort of revenues in order to keep the site going.  So, instead of paying for the information, for each interview you may:

  • have to fill out a survey
  • enter your e-mail for a particular ad
  • enter your zip code for a particular ad

You then will be allowed access to the page which has the particular interview you want.  If this is too time consuming for you then you are welcome to order the interview series (ad-free) from the home page.

Should you be comfortable with going through that process to save money, and getting future e-mails from with helpful hints and resources, then you are welcome to join the e-mail list below:


You automatically will get the first e-mail with the links to click to begin the process of accessing the interviews.  You then will get additional e-mails in the following days with the content and resources which are helpful to anyone wanting to get into the pro wrestling industry.

Of course, you have the right to opt out of the e-mail list anytime.  Simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the e-mail to unsubscribe from the list.  As a policy, will not share, rent, or freely distribute your e-mail address or other information to any 3rd party.

Thank you again for joining the mailing list, and we hope that you discover the missing information in these interviews to help you choose the right professional wrestling school & training… and to learn what it takes to have a successful career in professional wrestling!


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