Get The Same Advice Rob Van Dam Would Give To A Friend Who Wants To Become A Professional Wrestler

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Odds are you know of Rob Van Dam, a longtime main event wrestler who was wrestled in every major promotion around the world.  He has headlined pay-per-views, earned the heavyweight championship multiple times and is considered to be one of the most gifted athletes to ever compete as a pro wrestler.  He has been the ECW TV champion, WWE champion and multiple-time tag team champion in WWE., TNA World Heavyweight champion and the TNA X-Division champion.

If you have ever wondered how RVD got his start, as well as what advice he could give you if you ever even once dreamed about becoming a professional wrestler then you are welcome to download a complimentary hour-long interview (MP3).  Rob talks about his start in the industry, how he survived during the tough years and what advice he would give his friends if they ever wanted to join the pro wrestling industry.

He talks about how to choose a pro wrestling school, getting trained properly, how to stay healthy and deal with injuries, what it is like to wrestle on TV the first time and much more.  This interview is yours at no cost if you join the newsletter here:

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